Regal Princess

Regal Princess

Following on from Caribbean Princess, the team moved onto Regal Princess in the much cooler climate of Hamburg, Germany.
The work scope remained largely the same however works included welding in new steel decks into the spaces within the spine area, the steel plates were pre-ordered to the correct sizes and craned onto the ship for installation. Again with 12 days on site this was a tall task, and required the onsite team to work around each other in small areas.
Once the steel decks were in the sub floors, bulkheads, wetpods and deckheads followed, again with the mechanical, electrical and HVAC teams working in between everyone to ensure there was no hold ups during the works. The project was completed on time and to a high standard, many thanks to our suppliers who have worked with us to deliver both the Caribbean and Regal Princess projects. Well done to everyone involved in the Princess Cruises works.

Photo showing the new steel decks being welded in.

A60 floors
Sub-floor and wetpod installation.

all hands on deck
All hands on deck!

bespoke furniture
Bespoke furniture made in Blu Marine Ireland workshops.